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IGF-USA 2012 Opening Remarks from Marilyn Cade

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Brief session description:

Thursday, July 26, 2012 – The Internet Governance Forum-USA opened with general remarks from Marilyn Cade, IGF-USA chief catalyst. Cade is chair of the Business Consituency at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers and CEO at ICT Strategies. She is a longtime leader in the WSIS and Global IGF processes and is a principal in the G20 ICT Policy Network and she has extensive expertise in multilaterial organizations including the ITU, OECD and APEC. She previously worked as vice president for Internet and Internet governance for AT&T.

Details of the session:

Marilyn Cade, Chief Catalyst to IGF-USA

Marilyn Cade, chief catalyst of Internet Governance Forum-USA, opened the 2012 conference at Georgetown Law Center July 26, 2012, by welcoming the gathered guests and discussing the goals of IGF during her quick 4-minute introduction.

Cade, an expert and international adviser on Internet policy, discussed the importance of regional and national initiatives such as IGF-USA as part of the international Internet policy debate.

The multistakeholder event, which includes representatives from government, NGOs, civil society and private enterprise, will feature what Cade called “frank discussion” on controversial subjects related to telecommunications.

“We do try to expand the learning about each other’s diverging points of view about tough topics,” Cade said. “We can talk about tough topics but we don’t have to tough while we do that.”

Plenary sessions and workshops will address topics including human rights, Internet freedom, cyber security and disaster response.

“The IGF-USA focuses more on the meta-level of building and supporting the multistakeholder models and to enhance awareness about what that means,” Cade said. “So we follow the practice of the IGF, hearing all voices. We don’t make decisions, per se. We don’t negotiate text.”

— Brennan McGovern


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July 26, 2012 at 1:47 pm

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